Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A few weeks before CQ WW SSB - flying HB9CV

   When I came to QTH a few weeks ago I found broken top HB9CV for 20m. We decided to make some changes on it and we tried to take it down and up. Together with Dan we climbed to the tower and did anything we need to do... but unfortunately we made "small mistake" with the loop of the rope and than.. noooo, antenna is flying from 15m to the ground.


 New special aerodynamic antenna design

   What we could do, we could just smile :) So Thanks to Ondra OK1CDJ who bought new 3m of 30/2mm Al pipe and I could repair it. So last weekend we starter with some beef and port steaks...
I spent whole Saturday with the solar system repairing, some work on the new tower and so on. On Sunday I repaired HB9CV and Ondra OK1CDJ and Pavel OK1MU walked around the QTH and built beverages. Really hard work, 12,5 km of walking there and back, there and back :)

   Now we have to build rest beverages, connect it, test it and after long hours we hope to have ready 160m and 20m for CQ WW SSB 2016 for the two SOSBs. See you there and GL to all! 

 Lets make the evening better!


Saturday, October 15, 2016


Thanks to CT3 Madeira Contest Team! And all for QSO!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Some more work on TWR7...

   There are some more photos of the working on TWR7:

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Upgrading internet link with 10GHz link

   Because of the high QRM in 5.7GHz WiFi we started to have problems with internet stability and latency. We had our private link, than we were connected to AP with another clients and there were still a lot of problems. Main one was with our remote station using.

   I had a luck and gained old 30Mbit FD 10GHz link. It is quite slow technology for modern ISP but it is fine for us! :) So now we have got better last mile link + new WX station and the next step will be fiber cables between houses and from TWR...

Our ISP JVnet

OL7M side: fiber media converter + IF modem


 Arduino fo WX station, code by Mike OK8XX

Redundant PS from 48V to 16V - WX station

Thursday, September 29, 2016


   Again there were the biggest RTTY event of the year. At first we wanted to run some multi category but because of too many work in job, no time for work on QTH and some technical problems, we run two singles. Standa  as OK7W SOSB 15M HP , Mike DM5XX 20M for fun as OK8XX and I run 80M without assistance.

   At first we built the RX antennas for 80m. WX was really great, on T-shirts and shorts :-) We started with beverage to NA and than for JA. At last I built K9AY loop to SW. Thanks a lot to Pavel OK1MU and Standa OK1CID for help! Because no time we still do not have ready inband system so I decided to use only one RX. Even I didn't use second VFO. I was very interested in more decoders. Last years we used MMTTY and 2-Tone, this year I added also FLdigi. It is really helpful in different QRM and QSB condx.

   Contest started with incredible RUNs! 

1st hour - 80 QSOs
2nd hour - 67 QSOs
3rd hour - 81 QSOs
4th hour - 76 QSOs

There were also fine condx to NA. Signals were strong and I made abt 125 NA stations. But no W6 despite I was on RNB there...

I finished with about 430 QSO in the morning. 

Second night was really slow and condx poor. Anyway it was nice to be called by Hiro JA4DND, guys from E2X (with 100W ! and they made 9 QSOs :) ), Alex FM/DD5ZZ ( made 17 QSOs), Andreas LU2JCW and the highlight in my 80m RTTY live - Gary ZL2IFB as long path QSO in 05:15 UTC :) On the other hand I made only abt 30 NA stations... I am affraid, if there will be condx to NA this night I would made world record... I did not finish QSO with 9M6 :(

Last night brought some more mults as GI5I, JT1BV, UN7JX, MJ5Z etc. Relly nice signal had Warren ZL1AIX this time via short path :).

I am affraid because I did not use assistance I missed some easy mults as:


What are 4 DXCC and 1 zone. 

Totaly worked 148 NA , 165 DL and 6 JA.

Before this contest I was worry about the results in the Score Database ... But now I am sure that it is possible to break the world record. When the solar activity will close high bands and condx on lower bands will be without Aurora, it is possible.

Another thing, the HW. It would be better to have more RX antennas and also some inband one, but I am really surprised how the simply wire 4SQ works! Last year I changed phasing for our four sloping dipoles to 90deg hybrid. We also added 120 ground radials and result is incredible. It was really nice to watch RBN and compare it to others! 

And at the end, thanks a lot for nice virtual fight to Maurizio IV3ZXQ, Kornel SP8K on live score server. Congrats also to Zdenek OK3RM for his result on 20m and welcome back in RTTY world :)

Thanks to all for QSO and sorry if I didn't read you.

CU next time as OL7M or OL9A in single.


4SQ hybrid 

TV game :) 

 What a support by Mike DM5XX and Pavel OK1MU !!! THAAAANKS !!!

 Saturday morning


And final score